I have an elderly friend that has an app - the app has a button that opens a website. When this person taps that button multiple times during the day a new browser tab opens every time. I can't teach this person how to close tabs, they just don't get it and at the end of a week that have 30 tabs open. Naturally the tablet slows to a crawl....

Is there a setting that prevents new tabs from being opened? Instead just using only one tab for everything?

Thanks for the help....

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There's no such setting in the Android browser as far as I know. You could try using a different browser that does not have tab functionality, like Orweb, although that may have issues with cookies and may complain when the phone is not connected to Tor.

If that doesn't work, you could try Firefox with the Tab Killer extension; it may not work on mobile, but it might be worth a shot.


Advanced Settings in browser screenshot

You might have this setting, I turn it off and it makes no difference, so it might be useless!

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