I'm trying to export the complete chat between a user on WhatsApp. I have tried using the "Email Chat" option, but it seems this feature does not export the complete conversation. I believe it has some sort of size limit. I experimented with several large conversations (dating back to 2 year ago) - they should definitely be 4 MB+ in file size when exported, but when I export them via Gmail, the file size is always 2 MB. The messages before that are ignored.

I also tried using web.whatsapp.com and scrolling upwards using iMacros and then selecting the text using jQuery but that is proving to be difficult. Browser crashes after a certain point.

I don't believe the database backups in /sdcard/WhatsApp/ are of any use - they're heavily encrypted.

Any interesting work-arounds or solutions?

  • The only solution I could think of, would be to manually pull the unencrypted database from WhatsApp's data folder, and filter it with a thrown-together tool. Unfortunately, this requires root access. – Grimoire Jul 23 '16 at 12:28
  • Do you mean the text file it creates before attaching to an email conversation? Yes, it definitely requires root access, but I'm open to ideas. If it works. – Joseph John Jul 24 '16 at 7:54

Requirement: rooted device.

Download WA Tweaks and install it. Close WhatsApp process, open WA Tweaks inside the WATweaks App and there you would find a "Conversation" tab. Load conversation. As your chat sizes are huge it may take alot of time. From there you can get complete conversation backed up / emailed.

You can see demo video of the app here on my channel. This should solve your issue. If you have a low end phone it will get stuck.

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