I have a car that handles bluetooth and that plays on the car speakers my phone calls, but doesn't play my music.

Would someone know a trick or an App that would simulate a phone call and redirect the music sound stream as it was the caller stream?



I read that BTmono is an app that does that kind of thing, but I had no success using it in my car with a Galaxy S7 Edge.

Without any app, I noticed that sometimes after ending a call the car keeps hanging on the the BT stream allowing Google Map's navigation directions to be announced through the car speakers treating it like an in-call sound. But I'm guessing that's probably a bug with the software in the car's entertainment system.

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  • Ok thanks for the tip. I'll try this and keep you posted. – Akhneyzar Jul 28 '16 at 9:13
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    I tested a similar App 'Blue Mono sound' github & opensource. I connected the BT to my car, then launched the music, then this App. After playing with the sound volume I finally got the music on my car speakers. YAAATAAA! Thanks for your input @Hoon. I'm wondering if this due to the music playing in stereo mode and car accepting only mono. – Akhneyzar Jul 28 '16 at 13:07
  • @Akhneyzer, this should be the answer! I just downloaded Blue Mono Sound and within 10 seconds I was happily streaming my media to my older car. I've been looking for a solution like this for years. Thanks! – CBRF23 Apr 2 '19 at 22:08

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