Today I updated my Android Lenovo A2010-a to latest version (Android 5.1): I just click on message like that "Your have new update. Update have downloaded and can be installed". Than was opened new window on that window I click on button "install". Than phone was reboot. Than phone was updating (with icon - green android). Battery was in normal condition (not low). After that phone booted normal.

After updating I have error on all applications installed on my phone. Error for all application in one separate window, one after one. With text like this: Error in application "Google Keyboard" - it translated to English from Russian.

What I can do for resolve that problem?

  • Thanks, I've integrated that with your question. One item still missing: What steps did you perform for the update? Was it an OTA update from the manufacturer, or did you flash a ROM manually? In the latter case: clean flash or dirty flash? In the latter case: Did you at least wipe cache and Dalvik? If not, do so. If that doesn't help, you might need to do a factory-reset (BEWARE: all your data deleted) – which usually is recommended when upgrading from one Android version (or ROM) to another.
    – Izzy
    Jul 27 '16 at 16:29
  • Well, I just click on message like that "Your have new update. Update have downloaded and can be installed". Than was opened new window on that window I click on button "install". Than phone was reboot. Than phone was updating (with icon - green android). After that phone booted normal, but with issue that I describe upper.
    – andrejs82
    Jul 27 '16 at 16:46
  • Buttery was in normal condition (not low). Hope this help! Thanks!
    – andrejs82
    Jul 27 '16 at 16:47
  • Definitely: From your description, that was a regular OTA update pushed from your provider. So while waiting for a "cure", I suggest you report your issues there as well (others might already have done so, and with some luck you will be provided a fix from that end). Note: you can always edit your post to update it (e.g. with new details) ;)
    – Izzy
    Jul 27 '16 at 19:04

Well, I come to Lenovo site. And choose chat with tech-support.

Thay say - "You need reset phone to factory config". That all.

That what do Lenovo with they customers :( .

  • That's not restricted to Lenovo. Those people in 1st level support are no "techies". They've got a list with known issues like "case X: do a". As it is with case statements, they have a "fallback" if none of the "named" conditions matches. With smartphone 1st level, that's always "default: do factory-reset; if that doesn't solve it, have the device sent in". So to decide whether your post is an answer: did a factory-reset solve the issue? Side-note: I've recommended "wipe cache and Dalvik". Can't be done with stock recovery and no root without doing a factory-reset.
    – Izzy
    Jul 28 '16 at 8:47
  • Thank you, Izzy! But I already reset my phone to factory config. :) Now it working fine.
    – andrejs82
    Jul 29 '16 at 9:29
  • I expected as much. Basically this confirms what I suggested with my comment on your question. I will convert that comment to an answer for others to benefit from.
    – Izzy
    Jul 29 '16 at 9:30

Some background

While Lenovo suggested doing a (which always is the last-resort you get by support hotlines before they have you sent-in your device), this would have been easier to resolve (without data loss) – provided either your device is rooted, or you have a custom recovery available:

Whenever you switch to a different ROM, or upgrade/downgrade to a different Android version, it is recommended to wipe your cache and Dalvik/ART cache. Background is that different ROMs/Android-versions use different versions of the Dalvik/ART engine which might have (subtle or not-so-subtle) difference in structures – so when the "new version" accesses structures of the "previous version" which it doesn't understand, it leads to problems as described in the question.

For OTA updates provided "the official way", the responsibility to take care for that lies in the vicinity of the provider: Their update script(s) running on a level having access to both, and thus should take care to wipe cache as well as Dalvik/ART cache when needed (so blame them if they didn't).

If you flash a custom ROM, this task lies in your vicinity – as the "ROM cook" cannot know in advance if you're flashing it over a different ROM/version. Installation instructions for those custom ROMs usually include that step.


If you happen to be in the situation as described in the question, but don't want to root your device or install a custom recovery, you can either perform a factory-reset (WARNING: all your data and the apps you've installed are lost then, so take care having a good at hand) – or you can *boot (not install) a custom recovery once to wipe cache and Dalvik/ART. One recovery usually supporting that is :

There's a guide to install TWRP on the Lenovo A2010 which includes a link to download TWRP for this device (Note: I cannot vouch for the safety of those sites or integrity of the download – so better check yourself for a reliable source, or verify this one).

Once you have the TWRP image file, you also need the tool on your computer. Boot your device into mode, then run fastboot boot twrp.img (replace twrp.img with the name of the .img file you've got). Now your device will boot up into TWRP. Select to wipe cache and wipe Dalvik/ART, let it perform the action, then have it reboot normally. TWRP will be gone from your device, and everything should be "back to normal" – while no data have been lost.


I've just recovered from this issue by removing all updates of Google Play Services. The procedure is quite tricky, since "Application stopped working ..." messages keep popping up. But after you confirm first about 20 popups they popup slower and it is somewhat possible to navigate through menus.

Open Settings from device pull down menu, select Applications->All->Google Play Services->Remove all updates (it may ask for deactivating device manager, confirm deactivation). Wait for the uninstallation to proceed, then long power button press->Reboot. Upon next boot you should see "Optimizing application x/n", it takes a while, but the phone should be usable again.

Then you should upgrade Google Play Services and reboot again to have fresh version.

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