I have many files inside a folder with .txt extension. Now they are named randomly by an app but I want to rename each text file to some words written in those files itself after words Name: but before word Age:.


A file named 13765_46748.txt contains:

This is just a test file containing info of each persons.
Name: Pearson Bratts Age: 55 Profession:Technician

Now I want the above file to be renamed to Pearson Bratts.txt using Tasker or any other script app with working script.


The complete shell script follows. You need a Terminal emulator, but I'll leave that to you.

if [ "$1" == "$(cat /dev/null)" ]; then
 echo "Usage: $0 <file>"
 return 1

content="$(cat '$1')"
content="${content#*Name: }"
content="${content// Age*/}"

mv "$1" "$content.txt"

This is to be saved in a something.sh, which, when executed, will require an additional parameter. For example, we'll assume you'll call it renamer.sh, and thus the usage will be:

renamer.sh some/file.txt

. It'll rename the file you give it, accordingly to its content. To give it the correct file, is your responsibility, and it works for only a file per execution. It won't work if the file has spaces inside its name.

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