On my old Android 2.3 phone there are some contacts that are not available in the contacts app (either manually or by searching), but when I type the number into the dialled app, the contacts appear.

Is there any way to get those contacts back so that I can get them in my new Android Marshmellow phone?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:- These contacts were imported from the SIM to the phone to make room for more contacts on the SIM.

Also I have already seen A contact can not be found by name in dialer but exists in contacts and followed the instructions but they don't work. There are also some differences such as mine are stored on the phone and on Android 2.3.

UPDATE:- I had a chat with Samsung Support and they told me to "Kindly go to the Setting> search for Application manager> All > tap left touch button >Reset app preferences> reset apps. Kindly restart your device after that." I'll try this later when I can and get back.

  • Are these contacts stored on SIM? Id yes, exporting from SIM may help
    – beeshyams
    Jul 31, 2016 at 6:24
  • No, they were stored on the phone after being imported from SIM. They are not synced to Google Contacts and are not available on VCard backup exports.
    – Sanoo
    Jul 31, 2016 at 6:38


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