I am using Samsung Galaxy Y, Android version 2.3.6 only, I rooted it yesterday and now I could not install apps from google play store. And as device memory is small so I think it's better if I download apps straight from websites. Is there any trustworthy and user friendly website for this? Thanks a lot :)

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  • Using the Play Store or a website will change the amount of space apps take. If you are looking for a trustworthly, meaning relatively safe, alternative to the Play Store, consider F-Droid. f-droid.org – acejavelin Aug 1 '16 at 10:04
  • Also take a look at our alternative-markets tag-wiki. As @acejavelin correctly pointed out, apps taking up the same space regardless of where they are downloaded from – but of course you might save a little space by disabling the Playstore app, uninstalling its updates, and clearing its cache/data. F-Droid is a good address indeed (and I have a compatible App-Repo for it even). Not that huge collection of apps, though. – Izzy Aug 1 '16 at 11:42

there're manyy third party stores. Visit http://choilieng.com to get ur apk file . It looks quite simple but this will help you load faster.

Have fun./


There are many alternates of Google Play Store. Here is the list:


Use apkmirror It looks quite simple and trust

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