I'm looking for an image editor that I can use to do a wide array of resizing tasks including canvas size (expand/contract the image canvas), image size (enlarge/shrink the entire image), and cropping. So far, all I can find are cropping tools in the apps I'm finding, but I want the others as well. Does anyone know of any apps that provide all three tools?

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Just a part-answer: i'm using a nice app for resizing images: Image Shrink (there's also a lite version).

It works via the share intent - you "share" an image to it, the app does its job and the result can be shared again (e.g. if you want to send a large image via mail and want to resize it first, easily done with that app).


If you have a tablet, Adobe have just released a whole suite of tablet focussed (paid) apps, including Photoshop Touch.

Whilst I haven't tried it out yet, it does look like it should be able to do resizing tasks, I can definitely see a "Resize" menu option in one of the screenshots on the Features page.

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