"Lately" (like in the last few months), I'm unable to start the Clockwork Mod recovery image on my Nexus S with Oxygen 2.2.1. When I select "boot to recovery mode" (or want to start a ROM backup) in ROM Manager Premium, it reboots and I see the Android icon. The very first line is red and reads:


I've (supposedly…) reinstalled the recovery image multiple times and ROM Manager tells me, that I'm on the latest version already (


How do I install the Clockwork Mod recovery image? My phone is rooted, if that's important.

Thanks, Alexander

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Try flashing the Recovery image manually via fastboot, as described in this guide:

  1. Download the latest version of the ClockworkMod Recovery from here.
  2. Place the ClockworkMod Recovery Image in the same folder as fastboot (the /tools folder with the Android SDK folder).
  3. Power the Nexus S down, and hold Volume Up & the Power button until booted into the bootloader. You should see a white screen with three skating androids.
  4. Connect the Nexus S to the computer via USB. On the computer, open terminal and run: fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

The ClockworkMod Recovery should now be installed on the Nexus S.

  • Thanks A lot! I just flased the phone via ROM manager and it asked me to reboot. I did the same but, my phone got stuck on bootloader, when i use to click recovery it use to hang on GOOGLE logo. I was so tensed :) THanks-A-Lot
    – user9687
    Nov 16, 2011 at 19:06

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