I am resigning apps on a system image in a manner similar to : Resigning System Image on a Device.

What I am trying to figure out is how Android verify these apks. In the standard android build the platform cert is selfsigned: platform.x509.pem. I guess and hope this certificate is deployed as a file somewhere on the device.

For instance in my test system image framework-res.apk is signed with a selfsigned certificate with the serial number d20995a79c0daad6 but this certificate is no where to be found in /system/etc/security/cacerts.

My question is how is the platform certificate known to Android assuming it is not hardocded somewhere.

EDIT #1: I pasted the subject key id instead of the serial number.

EDIT #2: I searched the entire image for PEM encoded certificates, found some but still no platform cert. Searched for the DER encoding of the serial number too but without luck.

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I was finally able to identify and ultimately change the platform certificate on an emulator and a test device by patching the following files:


  • Contains a hexdump of the DER encoded platform certificate
  • Contains the PEM encoded public key of the platform certificate


  • Contains a hexdump of the DER encoded platform certificate

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