I have a rooted Moto G 2014 and im thinking of flashing a new custom rom on it. It is currently running PacMan Rom and i have Xposed and Google Apps(gapps) flashed right now. I know that flashing a new rom will get rid of all my data, but will i lose gapps and xposed too? Also, does anyone know any good roms? Thanks

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    Flashing a new ROM is not going to wipe your data but only the system, including xposed, custom kernel and GApps. – GiantTree Aug 6 '16 at 0:34

As of Lollipop all custom ROMs have transitioned to the new system.new.dat + system.transfer.list format, so the /system partition will be fully overwritten, which means bye bye GAPPS and Xposed. If you migrate to a different ROM, you'll also need to wipe /data (not including /data/media which is your internal storage).

Then again, flashing GAPPS/Xposed again isn't that hard, is it?

As for ROM recommendation, I think it's against SE's rule to do that here (XDA wouldn't allow that either), so better go try everything yourself. I myself am a die-hard CM fan.

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