I have this phone, it is rooted.

I backed up the systemui which total size is smaller than 5mb then I uninstalled it using titanium backup then a message appeared "unfortunately systemui has stopped working" so I tried to restore it with TB but takes too much time (waited 20 minutes but still restoring).

I restarted the phone then the message still shows and its a black screen in the background... I tap "ok" and the message disappear a few moments but shows again and again.

Then I did a factory reset but the message "unfortunately systemui has stopped working" still showing with a black screen in the background.

How will bring back this systemui? is it possible with adb?


You need to have root and ADB access, which I assume you do.

  1. Connect phone to PC. Verify ADB access by executing adb devices in command prompt - it should show your device under "list of attached devices".
  2. From there, do adb push /PATH/OF/BACKUP/SYSTEMUI/ON/PC /sdcard to push SystemUI to internal storage.
  3. Execute adb shell and then su to get a root shell.
  4. Execute mount -o remount,rw /system to remount /system for read-write access.
  5. Execute cp /sdcard/SystemUI.apk /PATH/OF/SYSTEMUI where /PATH/OF/SYSTEMUI is where your SystemUI should be. For many recent devices it should be /system/priv-app/SystemUI.
  6. Execute chmod 0644 /PATH/OF/SYSTEMUI/SystemUI.apk.
  7. Reboot phone.

Do report back if you're successful or if any error pops up - do not attempt to proceed without knowing the error for sure. If you don't know how to use ADB or how to extract APK from a TiBu backup, search engines are your best friend.

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