I have an ASUS Zenfone 2 with Cyanogen Mod 13 (not sure the version but it's from may).

I was looking at privacy settings and accidentally locked "google play service". as soon as I tapped it my phone froze, I waited a minute or 2 and nothing so I held power to reboot, and it just boot looped.

Is there a way to change this setting with out re flashing my phone? I do have TWRP installed.

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It should be by using the file manager under TWRP. Navigate to /data/system/ and look fo appops.xml. rename it to appops.xml.bak so you can have a backup and reboot.

PS: as per this post stackoverflow, you might lose also the notifications setting. But most probably those can be reset after boot.


Booting my Oneplus One into safe mode was enough to get the system to boot. I was then able to change the settings back to how they were and restart the phone.

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