I have heard that you can manually switch carriers when using Project Fi. How do I go about this? What is the easiest way?

Edit: Is there an app that does this too?


You can easily manually switch carriers in Project Fi:

Head into the Phone Dialer app that came with your Nexus phone, then type in these dialer codes to manually switch carrier:

  • Sprint = *#*#FISPR#*#*
  • T-Mobile = *#*#FITMO#*#*
  • US Cellular = *#*#FIDAN#*#*
  • Auto = *#*#FIAUTO#*#*

You can also download the Fi Info app, which automates the process a bit with a widget (I use it all the time).

Source and more info.

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Singal Spy is the app that I use to do this.
It also shows you at a glance what network you are currently connected to: enter image description here

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  • Thanks! This works too, just as well as Fi Info (which also has that notification thing). – owlswipe Aug 8 '16 at 18:33

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