Nearly bricked my Samsung Epic Touch 4G. Managed to boot into Odin Mode with a USB jig. I'm back where I started now and need to re-evaluate what to do next.

The phone is rooted, won't see the SD Card or Internal anything. My only option is using Odin to get a custom ROM back on there. Can someone point me to a step by step? My last attempt at this led me to having to work with the USB jig to get another crack at it.


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  • Actually, now it wont boot at all, even with the jig. But if I can't fire it up, even with the jig, I'm assuming Sprint can't either... thanks for your advice though. A good one to bookmark.
    – Rick
    Nov 9, 2011 at 20:59
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You'll want to Odin a stock (or nearly stock) ROM after a softbrick. This guide on XDA looks pretty good and includes a pre-rooted but largely stock ROM that should work for you. If step 4 fails, disconnect and reconnect your phone to the PC; if it still fails, reboot the phone and try again.

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