Situation: to put Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to Silent mode when configuration with two Internet Gadgets in connection to Android 6 phone as described here; Android's own silent mode does not work as expected with the internet gadgets

I experience much duplicate notifications when using Pebble and Mi Band 2 at the same time. I can put Pebble to silent mode easily but not Mi Band 2. DND is only time specific there in the Mi Fit's settings but not now.

I cannot use Gadgetbridge for the task because I already use it for Pebble and it only supports one device at the moment.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4
Phone OS: Cyanogenmod 13 (Temasek's unofficial Rom)
Activity band: Xiaomi MI Band 2
Smart watch: Pebble Classic 1
Pebble firmware: 3.12.2 (newest 9.8.2016)
Pebble hardware: V3R3

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  • Install the application Do Not Disturb. It puts all your internet gadgets and your phone to silent when you want in the tab Now. Android's own silent mode does not work as expected.


  • ...

Get a new phone

  • Oneplus 2's hardware button of the left-hand-side at the top position seems to override those notifications too
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    Could you please include a link to the application (Playstore/F-Droid preferred)? A search for "do not disturb" yields more than 300 app results, so it's not clear which app you refer to.
    – Izzy
    Aug 10, 2016 at 12:14

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