which of these files is the stock recovery image for the nexus 4 android 4.3?



Is it

enter image description here

Or is it

enter image description here

So, is it bootloader-mako-makoz20i.img or boot.img or recovery.img?

And what are the differences between these?

I will be doing fastboot flash recovery blah.img I can guess that recovery.ing is the correct one. But I want to verify here and also it makes me wonder though what the other two are for and what command would replace them?

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Go for recovery.img. Extra info below:

bootloader-mako-xxx.img -> bootloader. Flash with fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-mako-xxx.img then fastboot reboot-bootloader. Updates (upgrade or downgrade) bootloader for compatibility with corresponding generation of ROMs.

boot.img -> kernel. Flash with fastboot flash boot boot.img or boot once with fastboot boot boot.img. Only use original ones or ones that are known compatible.

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