Unfortunately I seem to have a problem with my filesystem on my as internal storage formatted SD card. My problem is kind of related to this thread so I think it is worth mentioning here.

When I was restarting my device today I got the error that my SD card is corrupted. With a little bit of putting it in and out of the slot I eventually managed it to work again. Still the SD card is very slow and seems to have a corrupted file system. I managed to backup most of my data via adb pull but for some of the files I got an i/o error. I tried to run fsck as described in the other thread, but I cannot find any mount point of the SD card. I tried to umount every device in /dev/block/vold/ but it always gives me Invalid argument error.

Of course I cannot try to fix it outside of my running device, as it is encrypted.

Is an as internal storage SD card behaving differently? Where is the mount point for this.

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