Telegram is supposed to be free/libre software, but where is Telegram for Android developed?

  1. Copy of the code: I can't find recent code. https://github.com/DrKLO/Telegram claims to be the official repository but was last updated 2 months ago at 3.10.1, while 3.11.2 is currently being distributed. Is there a way to get the actual code in use?
  2. Patching the code: as far as I can see, pull requests are never merged, even when they aren't explicitly rejected. (Perhaps some of them get merged in another repository and the recent code is sometimes published to this repository?) How to send a patch?
  3. According to https://core.telegram.org/tsi/bugs, Telegram uses Trello as issue tracker, but no link is provided and auchry says the issue tracker was just between 2014 and 2015. How to send bug reports? Should one use https://telegram.org/support?

In short: is Telegram really free software? Is it even open source?


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Actually, it's on the private repo of Owner, and sync time to time with the public repo on the github repo.


I have my own private repo except this on github, where i pushing all changes with unfinished things, because i can work from not only one place. After all new features are tested, I pushing new code to github, So github contains only major updates that will go to google play, so i think there is no need for tags, because every commit is release version. If i remove something from this repo, for me it will be harder to merge all new changes from my private repo.

I will think about this pull request later, when I finish all important features.


The App is free and will always be.

Telegram is free and will stay free — no ads, no subscription fees, forever. - Telegram FAQ

Apparently they are not updating the code right after each release, but after a month or two they do (Usually.)

To submit a bug you can Contact Telegram Support within the app, Settings >> Ask A Question.

In short: It is a free software, And its somewhat open source...

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