I was wondering if there is a log of when an application read or write data. Furthermore, how would I go about accessing this data? If there is none, is there another way you guys would think of logging applications creating or opening files?

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You can do certain checks using the stock logging software's, ( MTK Logger, Android Info Etc.. )

The quickest way to see your logs is by calling *#*#info#*#* or *#*#4636#*#* Notice the opposition's *# and #*

You could hypothetically log this information using a folder change watcher on your internal SD like

Folder Sync Free on Google Play

Folder Sync Full on Google Play

Ok Here is what to do

  1. Install FolderSync

  2. Create a New Folder Pair.

  3. Call the Pair ( Error Invoke ) or something rememberable.

  4. Edit the Filter At Bottom to Filter Everything or .*

  5. Now set it's sync method to Instant ( file change sync )

Ok so hypothetically, FolderSync will start a sync caused by the recent file changes or folder additions and deletions... The sync will

  • notice changed folders/files

  • start a blank sync

  • log the sync details

  • Open the log for file change history

  • see changed files

This method could work, but it's just hypothetical. I use FolderSync for way more than just synchronized folders !

  • Great info! Will look into this! Commented Aug 15, 2016 at 0:21

No, there isn't, and I don't think there's any way to achieve this as a user without making your own custom ROM.

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