I work at a startup and we have a bit of a conundrum.

We need to install the same image on hundreds of devices.

The things we have to do:

  • Put the device in kiosk mode (either through system settings or an app)
  • Set some system settings (Internet, Roaming, GPS)
  • Install an App

Is there a way to do this by copying a complete image of a device and put it on other devices? Can this be done with releatively little interactivty by the developer?


I am sure this can be automated using ADB scripts.

adb install app.apk will install app.apk.

System settings can be changed via adb also (see here for more details: http://andrejfernandes.pt/?p=171).

Heck, adb input can even automate entire user interfaces!

If you really, really need to have the phones be exact mirrors and all devices have a custom recovery installed, then you can reboot into recovery on all devices with adb reboot recovery. Then get an image of the data and internal SD partition using dd in the recovery shell. Finally, push the images out onto the rest of the devices via adb push and dd them back onto their respective partitions.

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