I would like to deactivate this overlay over the apps so i can better use my phone apps. Please give detailed instructions on how to disable


When the popup appears which says "Screen overlay detected" just push the "Open settings" button and there disable all apps overlay permission.

If you don't get that popup follow theese steps:

  • Open Settings (nut/gear icon).
  • Scroll down to Apps.
  • From within the Apps portion of settings, again choose the settings nut/gear icon.
  • Choose Draw over other apps.
  • (Optional) Click on the additional menu (3 dots), then choose Show system to get at all of the apps that are asking to draw over others, including system apps like Phone Services.

After this you shouldn't experience any issue with overlays.


If that fails check: Settings, Accessibility, motor & cognition, and make sure the touch assistant and touch control areas are OFF.

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