I'm thinking about flashing my phone to Cyanogenmod, but I have an Moto 360, so I'm wondering how much of Android Wear is still functioning without Gapps. Does anyone have experiences with this?

I don't really mind things like Google Maps not working properly, but I would like Google Search to work (at at least basic task). I also wouldn't mind installing just the Android Wear app.

  • ...I thought you can't pair Android Wear without GAPPS? That's what I've experienced. I got a G Watch by the way, which is now abandoned... – Andy Yan Aug 22 '16 at 12:13

When flashing cyanogenmod you can also flash GAPPS. But without it your watch will pretty useless. You won't have maps, hangouts, agenda, Google, Keep, Play Music, Reminders, etc. So I would HIGHLY recommend flashing GAPPS along with CyanogenMod.

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