I flashed new firmware and before doing so backed up apps and data with Titanium Backup. How do I restore? I have the folder on my PC which contains two .gz files and a properties file.

  • @beeshyams yes, in fact I didn't even have to copy contents from computer to phone. I guess the backup was saved to SD card.
    – Celeritas
    Aug 22 '16 at 7:20

It's simple. Copy from PC the entire folder on your external SD or internal storage and name the folder as you wish

  1. Use the Detect option on TiBu

Preferences → Folder Location → Detect → All

Select location, click Use Current ( where current is the folder you have copied )

  1. How to restore your backups on a new phone, or after installing a ROM (if you wiped your phone
  1. Click the Backup/Restore tab

  2. Click Menu (the button), Batch Click “Restore all missing apps + system data”

  3. Reboot your phone

Caution: If you are restoring on identical device with same ROM step 2 is fine.

For Restoration on other devices , other ROMs/ upgrades (as in your case), doing this will cause serious problems as

  • What is user app on one ROM may be a system app on another

  • ROMs may be "cooked" differently so replacing a system app from different ROM can cause serious problems

  • Apps that are device specific e.g., Samsung Planner will not work on a Moto device

In this case, choose Restore all apps with data and a menu shows up, where you can de-select what you don't want to restore (like the first few in picture below)

enter image description here

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    Not even mods can give +2 :) Big thumbs-up for including the "Caution remark" and being that detailed! I'm using TiBu for over 5 years now and never checked this out LOL (I always have TiBu's storage on external SD, so it finds its config even after firmware flash or on a new device and I never had the need to do the above).
    – Izzy
    Aug 20 '16 at 12:09
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    Some tips for using the “Backup folder location” dialog to manually select a location, if Titanium Backup fails to auto-detect it: 1. Press the Back button to change the current folder to its parent, and tap a folder in the list to make that the current folder. 2. If your backups are on an external SD card, you can find that SD card’s folder within /storage/. It may be called /storage/extSdCard/, but if not, look for a directory called something like /storage/5DEC-CC79/. Dec 10 '19 at 22:49

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