It is possible to play Pokémon Go in GPS only mode in Oneplus 2 of CM13 as described in the thread Can you play Pokémon Go on Oneplus 2 with CM13? However, the application does not work in the high accuracy mode with the device. I would like to understand which technology Wifi/Bluetooth/... is disturbing the game and GPS, in order to understand how to play the game in the high accuracy mode. I have not seen the same problem with Samsung Galaxy Phones of CM13. Fig. 1 Output in High Accuracy Mode

enter image description here

Test configurations tested in High Accuracy Mode

  1. Fresh installation of the OS - no difference
  2. Clean memory before starting Pokemon or not - no difference
  3. Bluetooth on and off - no difference
  4. Power saving mode on and off - no difference
  5. Google Wear installed but no devices connected to the application; tested also as uninstalled - no difference
  6. All internet gadgets (Pebble, Xiaomi Mi Band 2) disconnected from the phone - no difference
  7. Using own local wifi network or not - no difference
  8. ...

System: CM13
Phone: Oneplus 2
Pokémon Go: 0.33.0

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This is Pokemon's server side problem. You cannot do anything here but wait that the company improves. Now, the situation is better.

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