Download Booster is a built-in function on Samsung devices, and it works great when downloading a file more than 30MB from the Play Store. However, it does not work when downloading a file via the UC browser.



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It does not work / has limited support with Third-Party applications.

Have a look at the following article by Samsung on their homepage:
What is the Download Booster and how do I enable it on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

It seems like that the download booster is only available when downloading via the integrated Browser / Samsung Apps / Google Apps. See this image for the download browser description: Download-Booster description Thanks Samsung for providing this picture

The last sentence pretty much says that third-party applications might not work with the download booster.

You can also have a look at Even though Download booster feature on Galaxy S5 is enable, it does not work to download contents. What is the problem?.

I'm quoting the essential part:

  1. This feature supports Hypertext Transmission Protocol (HTTP) 1.1 only.
    So, It can be activated in Play Store, Samsung Apps, Samsung Video , YouTube, Play Movies, Play Games, Internet(S-Browser), Chrome (ChromeBrowser), Baidu, and not all applications.
    The feature cannot be used with other protocols, such as HTTPS or FTP.
    So, it’s not supported regarding to attached files of E-mail , Streaming service like Dropbox or Twitter
  • Good find, benjamin. Especially focus on the last sentence in the second screenshot explicitly: This does not apply to applications downloaded from Samsung Apps and Play Store.
    – Izzy
    Aug 26, 2016 at 11:56

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