When the number of tabs reaches 100, the tab counter turns into a smiley face like so :D

I wish to know how many tabs are open, without doing the manual count. Is there a way?

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This is an Easter egg coded 4 years ago

From this XDA post- you need a rooted device ( you can't access /data/data/ without root )

  1. Download a root explorer capable app such as ES file explorer

  2. Navigate to chromes profile directory, mine was at /data/data/com.android.chrome

  3. Open the app_tabs folder

  4. You should now see a single folder labeled "0"

  5. Select it and open its properties, under file count deduct 1 and that will be how many tabs you have open currently, deduct 1 because 1 file in there is only an overall tab state file

Verified on my device ( Moto X Play, 6.0.1, Chrome 52.0. 2743.91) when the tabs open are 4 = Files (5) minus one

enter image description here

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With some experimenting, swiping and manual counting, I've found that swiping will move a max of 25 tabs each time (depending on how strong you swipe). I think this is a programmed constant, although I haven't checked if the code is available to confirm the number.

My shortcut for counting tabs has become to swipe from one end to the other, counting the number of swipes, and multiplying by 25, giving a good enough approximation.

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