I successfully rooted an Azpen 746G using Kingo Root on a PC. It placed an app on the tablet called Kingo Link. Once the rooting process is complete, can I delete this app off the tablet?

Because the word "link" is so common, googling for this was not helpful

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    @Organc - check out Google Search documentation and Advanced Search... many of the tips can be especially handy to coders & techies as so many keywords have multiple definitions, and the coding definition is rarely the most common. ;-) In this case you could have searched for "kingo root" "kingo link" need. (incidentally - this question is the top hit for that search!)
    – ashleedawg
    Nov 21 '19 at 15:14

You are safe to uninstall it, the root is done, you dont even have to connect it to PC anymore. In case you do need to root again, connecting the pc will auto-install it back anyway (nless you uncheck the almost invisible "install recomended apk" or something, that shows below inside kingoroot pc software window! lol) Cheers


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