I first tried to root my Samsung Grand Prime (SM-G530W) a while back using KingRoot and it succeeded, but after restarted my device it got stuck in a boot loop and eventually showed the "Custom binary blocked by FRP lock" error, but after factory resetting it everything was fine again. Now, I tried to root my phone again using KingoRoot this time, once again it was successful, but now it's stuck in another boot loop and there is no error message. I tried booting into recovery mode and factory resetting, but the problem still occurs. What can I do???

Also, I only have today and tomorrow to figure this out, so I posted this EVERYWHERE. Here's the thread on other websites, see if you can find any useful info:

There's also 3 more, I'll link them if I get at least 10 rep (it's required).


I fixed the problem by following this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWuH7Km6GSQ

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