Just want a bigger display for my phone. I need to know how I can EXTEND my phone's screen to another phone, by using Bluetooth or WiFi or RF or web?

Few apps (iDisplay, AirScreen, AirDuet screen, etc) exist for only mirroring/sharing the screen - but not extending it. It's like using two monitors for your PC side-by-side & you select 'Extend display' between two monitors and hence the display bisects into two monitors. Same principle to phones.


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I haven't tried it (yet), but DisplayLink Presenter app might help, if you have the "dongle".

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    DisplayLink Presenter also just mirrors the Android phone screen, with usb hubs that have DisplayLink built in. Just tried it with both my Android Tablet and Telephone.
    – guz4217
    Jul 5, 2023 at 5:38

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