I tried to replace Kingroot with SuperSU since in the newer versions of Kingroot you can't block all of its connections. I had some problems, SuperSU always failed to install the newer binaries, Kingroot didn't fully uninstall and sometimes I lost root.

After being unable to install SuperSU, since it always failed to install the binaries not even as a system app, I gave up and decided to keep using an old version of Kingroot (4.85). But since then, I can't write on /system. I tried to remount /system as rw but it always get Mount: Read only file system.

I tried mount -o rw,remount /system, adb remount and also through Root Explorer, Total Commander, and with mount system RO/RW, but none of them worked.

I think it is because SELinux mode somehow changed to enforcing while I was trying to install SuperSU. I tried with SELinuxModeChanger to change it back to permissive, but I still cant remount. I can't even uninstall Kingroot either.

What can I do? I'm using a rooted 4.4.4 Huawei phone with Kingroot, it has root but it can't write to /system.

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I fixed it by unlocking the bootloader since doing a factory reset did not solve the problem of the read-only filesystem.

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