I want to update my nexus 5 with an ota image because it freezes after I unlock it with the sign code and I can't access the os.So I want to update my system with adb sideload and an ota image that I download directly from Google to see if the problem will be solved.I don't want to erase my data so my question is:Does a flash of an ota image through adb sideload wipe my data?

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Google has noted here:

[Manually updating your Nexus device using OTA binary image files] has the same effect of flashing the corresponding factory images, but without the need of wiping the device.

(Emphasis mine)

On the contrary, by OTA update, if you meant incremental platform/system updates, then even so, user data would not be wiped out.

User data would also not be wiped out if the factory image files are flashed manually (not via the included script) and userdata partition is skipped from flashing.

Note: It is my assumption that the question refers to data as everything created or added by the user (directly or indirectly - via an app or system) since the last time the factory reset was done. Data hence corresponds to files stored in the userdata partition, mounted at /data. In simpler terms, data here is everything that would be deleted if a factory reset is performed on the device.

  • In what way can I flash factory images files without unlocking bootloader?I tried to flash cache partition with fastboot but it requires me to unlock bootloader...
    – accaacco
    Sep 4, 2016 at 6:43

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