I somewhat understand what Superuser does, but I'm curious if upgrading to the Elite version is a good idea... What pros are there? Does upgrading provide any additional features?


You can see the advantages from the developer's home page.

Superuser Elite is the Premium version of Superuser. It unlocks several premium features within Superuser, including:

  • PIN Protection – Secure your Superuser prompt with a PIN number so that nobody but you can grant Superuser rights to apps
  • Access timeout – Allow an app to maintain Superuser rights for a set amount of time, so that you can allow certain apps access without having to remember them or press allow multiple times
  • Ghost mode – Hide Superuser from your app tray and home screen. With ghost mode activated, the only way to launch it is by dialing a secret code into the dialer. The default secret code is *#*#787378737#*#*, but it can be set to whatever you want. Note that this feature will probably be disabled if your device does not have a dialer (tablets specifically).
  • Advanced log management – Set the log to only store a certain number of entries before deleting the oldest entry. You also gain the ability to set certain apps to not log at all.
  • Advanced notification management – Set which apps send notifications and which apps don’t
  • Toast notification placement – If you choose to use Toast notifications instead of Status bar notifications, you gain the ability to set where the notification will appear; top, bottom, or center of the screen, or the default location
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  • I got it for the PIN protection and for beta access (which I believe is over), and of course to support Chainfire. So far it's been great and the binary updater came in handy a few times before it made it into the standard version. – Matthew Read Nov 16 '11 at 15:32
  • Thanks! I really had no idea what most of those things did, haha.. – James Litewski Nov 17 '11 at 4:20

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