I found an old phone of mine while cleaning, and would like to donate it. I've googled how to do a factory reset on a gingerbread device, and all of them say the same thing: go to Settings -> Privacy, and then click the Factory Data Reset button under Personal Data. The problem is, I don't have that option. My Privacy settings only have Lock Screen (display message text), and Backup and Restore (Back up my settings and Automatic Restore.) I don't have a Personal Data section.

The phone does not have a SIM card installed, but does have a google account attached, plus a lot of apps with on-board data. I know I can disconnect the google account, but how can I wipe all the apps and reset the phone to "new"?

It's a rooted HTC Sensation, if it matters, and I think is running CyanogenMod. (Like I said, it's an old phone...)

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If it's running CyanogenMod then it likely has a custom recovery loaded on it already. Just boot into it, wipe data / factory reset and wipe internal storage.


One thing to be noted before factory resetting an android is that you still end up having the root access on your device. In that case, I would rather suggest you to (unroot) it first. Download the firmware and then flash it. This will remove the root access (unroot) and also remove any data on your phone.

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