I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 that recently went missing. However I can't remember what email address I made for my Google Account on the phone. How can I find out what email address I registered for my phone without actually having my phone? I've already went to Google & tried all my old emails for Google & no luck. I even got a list of the different Google accounts I had & none of them are the one's that I used for my phone. I remember saving some of my photos from my phone to Google Drive, however all the emails I said I had tried doesn't have any of the photos that my phone had showed me I had saved on it. My main reason for wanting to find out the email I used is because since my phone was stolen I was hoping I could use Google's Android Device Manager to find it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I just bought the phone, not even two months ago. I would just really love to be able to find it. Thank you.


I believe that when you signed up your phone,system email,you must provide an alternative email address for p/w & user name recovery as is common w/Google & most effective email providers. Click on "Gmail"-tab, while on Google Chrome homepage browser,(using a desktop windows pc prefferably) try your best guess at the username, hit enter and under the sign in popup window there should be either email "use a different. Account" or "Forgot user name/password"? Click on that and it should tell you something like, "Recovery email,Google will send you an email containing a one time verification code to xxx.....@xxx whatever the alternative email account you used when you set up your phone. If not,then I,might suspect of your true ownership of this phone you speak of. Hope this helps.

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