HTC Desire S seems to have very scarce WiFi settings. I'm trying to debug a Wifi connectivity issue and looks like it might be a DNS problem. I Googled and looks like many Android devices have some "advanced" settings including DNS server addresses. I can't find anything like that in Desire S.

What am I doing wrong? How do I change DNS and IP settings in Desire S?

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In my HTC Desire I find it under:

Settings-> Wireless & networks -> WiFi Settings

Press Menu and select Advanced

Here I can see option to use static IP by selecting "Use static IP"

  • Thanks a lot. I didn't realize I had to press Menu.
    – sharptooth
    Nov 18, 2011 at 7:31

OK just found it. In wifi settings press and hold the connected network you want to set IP to. Pick modify network and in there you scroll down, to DHCP settings and pick static and scroll down to et your IP. Kinda complicated comparing to non sense android. O well. Hope that helps OP or any other fellow searcher.


You probably don't have HTC sense (you're using other ROM). Hence you don't have those settings. I use Hox with Sense as well as OP myself, and I don't see any options there to set a static IP. HTC seems to have disregarded those settings. (ICS 4.0.4)

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