I used Google cast to cast my phone's screen. That worked. But all4, the Channel 4 catch-up app, wouldn't display on the second screen. A message popped up saying "all 4 doesn't work on secondary screens". How can i stop the app from detecting this? I'm rooted and xposed, s5 touchwiz lollipop


Try xPrivacy.

You might be able to limit the permissions of the all4 application you mentioned in such a way that it cannot tell if Google cast is running.

The Github page has the full options on what is available.

  • Looks promising thanks. Don't have time to investigate properly, but as bounty is expiring tomorrow, decided to award it now. If you or anyone has a clue what permission to restrict, please do tell
    – Ne Mo
    Sep 25 '16 at 20:40

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