Is there any comunity based android-app rating web site where the app-popularity is not based on google-playstore?

The sites i found so far either indirectly uses google-playstore-ranking or some technical writer tells you "wich are the best XXX apps for YYY".

I am interested in community based ranking where even apps that are not available in google-playstore can be ranked.

I am thinking of something similar to *.stackexchange where registered user can either

  • up and downvote apps
  • or give an app a quality value (i.e. 1-5 stars)

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I found https://www.slant.co/tags/android:

  • users can ask subjective questions.
    • i.e. What is the best android app for xxx
  • users can give subjective answers.
    • i.e. The yyy app is a good candidate
  • users can add subjective pro and contra arguments.
    • i.e. contra: the yyy app consumes to much energy

The community can add more answers and pro/contra arguments and rate each seperatly.

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