So I am rooted and used a root checker to give me some good information about my device. I noticed when it gave me info about my root it told me that I was a "non-root" shell user. non-root shell

So what does this mean? Can I possibly make it to where I AM a root shell user? I am a very curious person. ANY information would be greatly appreciated!

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Is this a stock ROM or a custom ROM?

In the stock ROM you would edit the build.prop and change the entry for ro.secure=1 to ro.secure=0 and reboot.

In most custom ROMs, and some stock ROMs, there is an entry in Developer Options called "Root access" and by default it is set to Apps only, you should be able to change it to Apps and ADB.

There is also an app called adb Insecure by Chainfire (the author of SuperSU) which can allow adb shell su access.

BTW, this information is easily accessible via Google, and the previous question here at Why can't I get root access from shell?

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