Today I downloaded the ISO file for the latest Android X86 (64-bit)version - the stable build for Android 6.0 AKA Marhmallow - from https://osdn.jp/projects/android-x86/downloads/65890/android-x86_64-6.0-r1. I have installed this on a virtual machine with 2 processor cores, 4 GB RAM and 20 GB Storage which I think is more than sufficient for this specific OS.

Earlier I was having this problem where the system would boot into CLI and not GUI hence I googled a bit and followed the instructions from http://techanji.blogspot.in/2013/04/android-wont-boot-into-gui-only-command.html which worked perfectly fine and now I have proper Android boot logo but I kept my system to boot for 15 minutes without any progress which makes me think this has stuck at boot!

A bit about setup:

  • I did not choose GPT for partioning
  • I have made one primary partition of 20 GB and made it boot partition
  • I have formatted my partition with ext4 file system
  • I installed GRUB but not EFI GRUB

Hopefully, these details are enough and you guys can help me with this.

PS: For those members who are in a hurry to mark a question as duplicate by just reading the question, I would like to kindly bring it to your notice that I have read and tried ALL the solutions to similar questions and none of them has worked so far, hence posting this question


At first I had the same issue. But I changed the Display settings and now it works.

  • Go to the VM settings's
  • Go to Display settings
  • Check the Accelerate 3D graphics
  • Set the graphics memory to 1GB (if possible)
  • Start your VM!

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