one guy is connecting to my gmail account. if I remove the device from gmail account also he again connecting. I don't know how he is connecting again ,I changed my gmail password and 2 step verification is on .. but still he is using my account. kindly help me .

he is using Samsung galxy note 11

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  • First of all Log in to google in a PC, open gmail and at the bottom you can see Last account activity.

    Click details shown next to it > and click sign out of all other sessions.


  • Now, if he has added your account in to his device, follow these steps.

    1. Go to google account security in a browser (PC).
    2. Sign in with your google account
    3. Under device activity and notifications click Review devices shown inside a card named recently used devices
    4. Remove access to the particular device.


Now, (most important) change your password and do not share it with anyone.

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