I'd like to use OpenDNS for the 3G connection on my Android phone. I have a phone with Android Lollipop. The phone is not rooted. I tried several apps for non-rooted phones (DNS Changer (no root 3G/WiFi), Fast DNS Changer(no root), DNSet pro, DNS Changer (without Root), etc...). They are all based on the creation of a VPN connection. I tried them all and they work but if i turn off the phone and boot it, I need to restart the app manually every time. Is there a way to do it automatically ? Thank you.


You can't change a data connection's IP settings, unless you

  1. are rooted, then you can use Linux-based approaches (e.g. iptables)
  2. use an app that creates a VPN connection to a remote server that uses OpenDNS

Now, VPN on boot depends on the app you're using. I'm yet to encounter an app that creates a VPN tunnel on boot.

Update: For the record, a lot of apps these days create VPN tunnels on boot.

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