I'm using a custom rom based on cyanogenmod 13, my device is rooted and I have Xposed installed. I'm looking for a simple app to mount samba or cifs volume in a directory on my android devices, years ago I used Cifs Manager and Mount Manager but it seems they have been discontinue and now I can't find valid alternatives. I tried the latest versions of Cifs Manager and Mount Manager I could find but they didn't work.



Make your sure kernel supports SELinux and cifs module

You additionally need SELinuxModeChanger Alternatively type: setenforce Permissive as su in terminal.

A patched version of CIFS manager which uses (mount command) and needs SuperSU from chainfire. You can get this from XDA developers; Patched CIFS manager

Alternatively you can create a cifs mount point from terminal and give IP address and username of your NAS:

su --mount-master -c busybox mount -o username=guest,rw,noperm,iocharset=utf8 -t cifs //192.168.xxx.xxx/cifsshare /path-to-mount-in

change back SElinux mode to enforcing:

setenforce Enforcing

And you're done


Mounting a network share into the filesystem [ROOT]

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