So I am trying to make my galaxy s5 take my new sd card as internal. I Followed the instructions from Unable to adopt SD card as internal storage using Marshmallow. But I can't comment to ask about my error (Too New here) so I made a new question.

Every time I get the partition part I get this Command Prompt Screen Shot

The SD card is a 128gb 90MB/s SanDisk Extreme.

Samsung-SM-G900A, (AT&T btw) running 6.0.1


You need to include the full line returned from the sm list-disks command. disk:179,64

Therefore the command to partition the SD card would be:

sm partition disk:179,64 private

You dropped the disk: from the command shown in your screen shot.

If you get a timeout error, then try reformatting the SD card.

  • Sweet, It worked. I don't think I would have spotted such a obvious mistake. Sep 23 '16 at 18:59

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