My tablet is stuck at a screen (S Voice) and otherwise completely irresponsive.

I tried to press the power key for some time, hoping for a hardware reset (like the one found on PCs). I also tried the Power-Volume-Home combo - no response.

Is there a hardware way to reset a tablet ? (I see a tiny hole on the edge, right of the Home button but it is really tiny)

  • I do not want to perform a factory reset or "hard reset" as shown on numerous pages (using Power-Home-Volume). This requires the tablet to be powered down
  • I can wait for the power to drain and hope the tablet will restart but I would prefer to perform a reset first
  • Holding the Power button for a full 30 seconds should work. Oct 22 '16 at 21:16

I ended up waiting for the power to completely dry up and it restarted.

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