I have acquired an Jio sim and I am using a Redmi 3s prime. But I don’t know which one is the primary 4G sim slot in the phone. Is it the nano one or the micro one? Or can i choose any one of them? Please help. Thanks


The Redmi 3S Prime uses a hybrid SIM slot which means it accepts one Micro-SIM and another Nano-SIM or microSD card for storage.

Unfortunately, this means that users will have to choose between a second SIM and a microSD card.

Coming to your question : Use any slot for 4G. It is recommended from my side, use the micro-sim slot for the primary sim.


The Redmi 3S Prime supports hybrid dual-SIM (Micro-SIM + Nano-SIM) slot with the second SIM slot also capable of functioning as a microSD slot. However either slot can be used for 4G.

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