I have tried almost every root process that I could find 4 LG K8 us375 running LG Android 6.0 I tried kingoroot, iroot, vroot, kingroot, One Click Root... and nothing is able to root my phone.

I'm not new to Android by any means but I'm new to the aspect of rooting.

There's only one thing I haven't tried; the root all LG phones on XDA.

I want to customize it and flash a different ROM so I can a use system UI tuner (because LG blocked or removed that feature) and to get the most out of my device.


So I've been trying to root my k8 for a month now. I rooted before some older devices so I'm not new in this business, however, I'm not an expert either which means I might not be totally right. Well, here is the deal:

Stock Marshmallow needs systemless root because the "old" root method modifies the system partition but Marshmallow recognizes the modification during boot and restores the stock system. It means the only possibility to root is patching the boot.img. Supersu has this function built in. Unfortunately, it can only patch boot images compressed by "gzip" method. Our k8 has a boot image compressed by "lz4" method.

We have two options:

  1. Wait until supersu can deal with lz4.
  2. Maybe in fastboot mode, we could take our boot image, "re"compress it to gzip, flash it without boot to Android but boot to twrp, then install supersu. Then still in fastboot take the boot image and flash it back using the lz4 compression

I'm a bit scared this second method might brick the device and as I found nobody who has a bit more experience tweaking our k8 and I guess we need to wait until a working superSu.

In case you might want to join my struggling, I have a thread on chinaphonearena and I also had a few questions on xda.


Actually on the xda thread comment #17 is my comment :)

I guess you just temporarily install TWRP each time in fastboot (fastboot boot twrp.img and not fastboot flash twrp.img) otherwise you could not use hard reset.

Am I right? What TWRP are you using anyway (can you post a link)? You can find my TWRP on chinaphonearena, where there is a thread I started.

I believe if you have an unlocked bootloader thats a good start. However, I'm afraid we need to patch our boot image as I described above... I have the whole firmware of my model. I believe the boot.img might be similar to yours so if you need it I can post it somewhere. Maybe you know some tweaks. I'm not really good at patching boot images :S or we wait until supersu can patch our lz4 compressed boot image... :) fingers crossed ;)

  • I never got the bootloader to unlock. I tried everything I could find on the internet I read somewhere that marshmallow upped a lot of their restrictions on root access and i never got to install TWRP because I couldn't get my bootloader unlocked and i read you cant have a custom recovery with a locked bootloader so I'm pretty much screwed as far as I know im a noob i wont lie im used to. One click style root i want to learn coding so i could try to make my own os iv been lookin in to that a lot lately sorry i got off topic at hand
    – Seanb93
    Oct 2 '16 at 13:59
  • Hey @SeanBurk, did you try unlock your bootloader via ADB? It was quite easy on my k8 version (all you need are the proper drivers). I ques i've described how to on my chinaphonearena thread.
    – Gottlasz
    Oct 3 '16 at 7:23
  • @ gottlasz i did try to for a long timeon a diffrent link and i feel really dumb but im honest so ill tell evey one i didnt read like a hole paragraph in the decription i dont know how i missed it. But i tryied for like 3 solild hours and then read that it wouldnt work here the link i tried 4mobiles.net/android/tutorials-android/lg/lg-bootloader-unlo‌​ck But i will lookat your tread and attempt to do it tomorrow i dontbhave a pc of my own so but thatnks with the follow up ill up date the state of my # tomorrow night around 7ish cdt
    – Seanb93
    Oct 3 '16 at 8:30
  • @ gottlasz read what i could of theforurm i will try that coomand and let u know. Wood have read mre but had to login and i dont like haveind acounts evey where can u use google + to sign in
    – Seanb93
    Oct 3 '16 at 9:12
  • idk what the deel was tonight probly frustration from haveing a fiance but i had my my set up like this i believe. C:/adb/(files) from your description on china phone arena thats the way it should have been but when i did any command it woodnt pick up the my device im a 99% noob when it comes to codeing but i tryied the new lg root method on xda and was doing fine with the proseess the last step was the one that stopped me on there but i had my adb. Lg drivers fast boot all installed and in the adb folder alonf with recoery img. Dbugg on and oem Was on so i dont know what happened
    – Seanb93
    Oct 4 '16 at 3:47

After doing some research I'm about to try these steps on XDA which look promising.

I know it's not the same model but I'm gonna try it. I'm referring specifically to comment #17. I did some looking around and I found a way to unlock the bootloader and I found a way to install TWRP. I'm going to use ADB.

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