I checked my phone after class and I noticed that a new app was installed. I keep automatic updates off at all times so I have no idea how this application came to be on my phone. It is called rooms and has the android logo as its thumbnail. I have uninstalled the application numerous times and it just automatically installs again each time. I have tried researching the application and I've come up with nothing. When I click on the app, it tells me to insert my device into my Gear VR. So my question has two parts: First, is this a legitimate application that others have heard of? And second, is there a way I can remove it? Thanks.


I found this advice on another chatroom:

Disabling "Facebook app installer" and "Facebook app manager" in app manager made this unwanted garbage stop harassing my precious S7.

it helped me.

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If you have root you can uninstall this apps by type in the terminal pm list packages and use grep to filter so like that pm list packages | grep -i facebook you can uninstall it by typing pm uninstall [package name]

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