I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Cyanogenmod 11.x to the latest 13.0. Despite some transitional issues, everything seemed fine.

Except that I almost overslept because the alarm was silent; only the vibration went off.

I have been through all the settings and combinations of modes (airplane mode, system profile, ...) -- volume is turned up everywhere but alarms are always silent. What do I have to do?

I use the system clock/alarm app.

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    I'm posting this self-answered question in the spirit of Encyclopedia Stack Exchange since I was not able to find a solution on the internet.
    – Raphael
    Commented Sep 29, 2016 at 21:10

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As it turns out, the update skrewed up the link between alarms and ringtones resp. alarm sound. For me, the alarm app showed 17 instead of a sound name.

You simply have to choose a new sound (or reselect the old one, as it where) and you have audible alarms back.

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