Last weekend I turned off the automatic sync feature on my phone and deleted my Facebook account. It appeared that all of the info on in my calendar was still there so I thought I did all that I needed to do. By this weekend all of my birthdays and events were deleted from my calendar - except 3 that were linked to Facebook - and all the ones that I manually entered (not linked to Facebook) were gone! I tried to reactivate my Facebook account, and re-sync everything to get the info back, but its not working.

How do I get the info back into my calendar, and delete my Facebook account/remove the Facebook app and sync stuff from my phone? Is it possible?


Assuming your phones calendar is syncing with a Google Calendar, then the easiest way to do this may be to export your friends' birthday info from Facebook and import it into Google Calendar.

Our sister-site Web Applications has more info on doing this:

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